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Saint Valentine

T’amo senza sapere come, né quando, né da dove,

t’amo direttamente senza problemi né orgoglio:

così ti amo perché non so amare altrimenti

"Pablo Neruda"

on Valentine's Day it gives beauty and well-being

Gentlemen Grooming Experience

"Gentlemen Grooming Experience": Luxury, precision and relaxation in an exclusive environment. 90 minutes of personalized care, haircuts and high-class beard and facial treatments.

Hair Grooming Experience

"Hair Grooming Experience": Luxury hair care in 75 minutes with personalized cut, massage and facial treatment, for complete well-being and impeccable style.

Beard Grooming Experience

"Beard Grooming Experience": 60 minutes of luxury and care dedicated to your beard. Welcome drink, personalized consultation, and facial treatment for an experience of unparalleled elegance and relaxation.

For an unforgettable Valentine's Day, contact us to purchase your personalized Gift Voucher or book an exclusive treatment. Let us transform your gesture into a luxury experience!

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