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It is with great pleasure that we present to you our refined range of Rechargeable Cards, a truly impeccable option for those who appreciate the combination of elegance and added value. With three exceptional value solutions to choose from, you can immerse yourself in the ultimate experience of value and convenience.

Silver Card - €100 Top-up

  • €120 Credit (+20%)

  • Ideal for those who frequent our service less and have lower costs.

  • Suitable for basic services and to indulge in some discreet luxury.

  • Increase your purchasing power and get added value in a refined way!

Gold Card - €200 Top Up

  • €250 Credit (+25%)

  • Take your spending to the next level with our Gold Card.

  • Enjoy additional advantages to carry out top quality services.

  • The perfect choice to pamper yourself or to give something extraordinary as a gift!

Platinum Card - €400 Top Up

  • €520 Credit (+30%)

  • For a supreme service experience, opt for our Platinum Card.

  • Maximize your investments and access exclusive benefits.

  • The uncompromising choice for great value services and refined luxury!

Why should you consider our Prepaid Cards?

  • Instant Value: Get the most bang for your buck with generous credit bonuses added to your first salon visit.

  • Elegant Spending: Use your card to satisfy every daily desire or to indulge in the joys of luxury with class.

  • Easy Top-up: Easily top-up at our The Gentlemen Inn salon or directly on the website.

  • Exclusive Benefits: Take advantage of special discounts and promotions reserved for Prepaid Card Holders.

  • Prestige and Peace of Mind: Your funds are safe, and our cards can be used with distinction at our The Gentlemen Inn for every service and product.

Don't miss the opportunity to increase your ability to perform services and purchase products with our Prepaid Cards in style. Choose the card that best suits your lifestyle and start enjoying the benefits today!

Terms and Conditions for the Use of The Gentlemen Inn Prepaid Cards

1. Validity Without Expiration

The Gentlemen Inn Prepaid Cards are private and have no expiry date, guaranteeing holders maximum flexibility in the use of accredited funds. Funds remain valid until depleted.

2. Use by Third Parties

Holders of The Gentlemen Inn Prepaid Cards have the right to use the credit on the card to purchase products or services not only for themselves but also for third parties. This option allows you to share the benefits with friends and family.

3. Use in The Gentlemen Inn Physical Store

The Gentlemen Inn Prepaid Cards can only be used in the company's physical store. Purchases can include a wide range of products and services offered in the salon.

4. Top up on First Visit

After the initial payment for the purchase of a Prepaid Card, the first top-up will be made on the first visit to The Gentlemen Inn lounge. This process allows new cardholders to start using the card immediately, without having to wait for further top-up procedures.

5. Printing of the Residual Credit

After each use of the Prepaid Card in the store, the remaining credit will be printed on the tax receipt. This process allows cardholders to clearly and transparently keep track of the balance remaining on the card, ensuring total control of their funds.

The use of The Gentlemen Inn Prepaid Cards is subject to these Terms and Conditions, and the company reserves the right to make changes or updates at any time. It is the responsibility of card holders to be informed about the current conditions and management of their credit.

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